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We understand that you have an absolutely marvellous product scheme that you have been holding in your mind for so long but don’t know where to go, we likewise know you would like to see that product shifting to existence. 

Seems like you are at right place mate!!!!

Because our crew of Mechanical Engineers render the most progressive product designs that can be salutary to the customer. PSP TechnoCADD modelling team can work with you to take your conceptual design from your thoughts to reality. 


This is how it works, with your concept and our innovative & vivid ideas an initial hand-drawn sketches will ultimately chase the path of 3D Modelling all the way up to manufacture ready drafting to the 3D printed prototypes.

Using 3D modelling CAD packages undertake 3D modelling assignments from industries, Data implanted in CAD models shows evidential function in assisting commercial enterprise, engineering design firms & sheet metal fabricators to present robust final stage goods with richness. 

We sympathize the demand of sustainable designs and hence stick to internationally acknowledged design standards of ISO, ASME, BS, etc. to eradicate continual maintenance and replacements.


Our skillfulness in product design and development includes:


- Developing drawings & CAD design support for brand-new product development.

- Developing 2D drafts for fabrication, installation and assembly

- Converting conceptual sketches to 2D CAD drawings, 3D CAD modelling & 3D rendering

- Machine & tool design including fasteners, jigs and fixtures, assembly, part and component models

- Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

- Design for Assembly (DFA)

- Design & specification of material handling equipment including conveyors, cranes, hoist and many more.

- Design for HVAC

- Legacy Product Documentation

- Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

- Reverse engineering to replace and economic aid OEMs for re-fabricating worn-out parts

- Producing fabrication and assembly drawings and models with Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) annotations.  

We create highly detailed manufacturing drawings manoeuvring requisite views of the product, along with exploded assemblies and BOM (bill of materials) for component perturbation when required.

We can also produce presentation-ready models, utilizing both Augmented Reality and 3D Printing. For your 3D modelling project, contact us now



Figure out your design state of affairs while we create the visual perception for you through computational fluid dynamics. We diversify our self in providing superior quality CFD Analysis & Consulting services

If your organization is seeking the help of CFD Analysis services, we are your sole destination. We have the expertise, resources and experience to meet all your requirements. Our CFD specialists’ has hands-on experience on different CFD simulation platforms  which strengthen our position to present flow simulation for advanced turbulence, heat transfer and so many others.


With the help of CFD Analysis, you’ll be able to precisely anticipate pressure drops mass flow rates, heat transfer rates and fluid dynamic forces for design modification and optimize consequently. CFD simulation helps to understand the fluid flow during operation and steady-state condition.

We offer the following CFD Analysis services:


- Thermal flow Analysis

- Dynamic Mesh Analysis Simulation

- Fluid flow analysis of Rotating Machineries (Pumps, Turbines and many others)

- Mould Flow Simulation

- Combustion Analysis & Modeling

- Heat Transfer Analysis

- HVAC Analysis and Design

- Aerodynamic Analysis



Well, you have put a lot of effort into designing your product but now what?

How would you make yourself certain that your designed component can sustain all the working forces, pressure and another parameter which comes in while a machine is working?

Cheers!! Because we have got a solution for that too.

We the people of PSP TechnoCADD are the versatile design firm which provides Finite element analysis services at our very best which will eventually help you to reduce your product design cycle time and remove design glitches beforehand the well-versed CAD Models and drafting is released for the production purpose.

Our FEA Engineers will take care of all of your problems by supplying a flooded scope of design services to take your particular designs from concept to final product stage by following the path of design simulation.

Design specification and stress analysis for pressure vessel, storage tank and piping design

Design optimization through simulation of prototypes using FEA and CFD

Our FEA Engineers will validate your designs through ANSYS Mechanical, in order to obviate reworks and waste. We perform FEA for all kinds of Mechanical components, aerospace components and structural building products and many more. Trust us we can do it all for you.

Supply us with your CAD models and just be free because our generous FEA Engineers will do the rest with the detailed simulation results for optimizing your designs. Our engineers will provide you with predictive performance.

We offer the following FE Analysis services to our clients worldwide:


- Linear & Non-linear Analysis

- Static & Dynamic Analysis

- Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

- Thermal Analysis

- Explicit Dynamics

- Vibration or Seismic Analysis

- Buckling Analysis

- Pipeline Analysis

- Multibody Dynamic Analysis with MSC ADAMS

- Structural Analysis

- Fatigue Failure analysis

- Modal Analysis


SHEET METAL (Automotive, Building components, HVAC equipments)

Fabrication industries go through multiple lengthy procedures while customizing an operation in sheet metal, we believe our engineers can do all this for you from producing a CAD Model, BOM and so to the production-ready drawings of the sheet metal works.

PSP TechnoCADD is known for its precision work in sheet metal industries, our engineers serve different sectors where sheet metal occupies a dominant status such as Automobile industry, building components and as well as HVAC Equipment with the help of modern CAD software for sheet metal our engineers design a fabrication-friendly workflow for our clients.


We provide sheet metal design assistance to HVAC contractors, material handlers, OEMs, fabricators, manufacturers of building products and other firms to diminish wastage of material and to fulfil the goal of quality output to consumers.

We will accommodate you with fabrication drawings for sheet metal and also for multi-component assemblies using various software such as Ptc Creo, Solidworks etc.

Our sheet metal design Services includes

Producing sheet metal components from scratch and developing the fabrication drawings.

Converting the solid models to a sheet metal part

Development of weldments details to sheet metal parts on models or drawings

Cost estimation based on material and number of operations

Discuss your sheet metal design requirements to achieve maximum project efficiency with accuracy.


BIM(Building Information Modelling)

With overwhelming population, the lack of livable ground, ascending value of real estate have led to higher demand from the architectural designs. You can get involved with PSP TechnoCADD regarding Building Information Modeling Services in various disciplines such as Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. At PSP TechnoCADD we develop BIM-ready 3D models for infrastructure, Commercial amd residential trade centres and many more. Our team of highly skilled engineers and draftsperson keeps themselves updated with each and every new technology that comes under Building Information Modelling Technology to meet the needs and demands of our clients without any hesitations.


With the assistance of these modern technologies and our economical BIM Design Solutions we will ultimately help you in enhancing the financial growth of your business. With the really helpful features implemented in the different BIM software such as Revit you will get the Cost Estimation, BOM [Bill of Material], Bill of Quantity, drawing uniformness and Clash Detection to reduce rework. These information helps the owners, developers, architects, engineers, contractors, etc. and many other personnel involved in construction work to implement these features on construction site and it ultimately helps in deciding the life cycle of the building.


Our BIM Outsourcing Services Includes:

Architectural structural modelling

MEP Services modelling

BIM content creation for architectural structural and MEPF. 

Clash detection and resolution with building conflicting data reports.

BOMs, Cost estimates, and other RFIs with BIM Modelling.

Optimization of Steel Structures.

Point cloud modelling.


CAD Conversion

3D Printing Services

3D Printing Services


Traditionally, the designs of the component has been drafted manually hence there are chances of some manual errors and also due to absence of the isometric view in the drafting, sometimes the unskilled workers can cause errors in the manufacturing of the same product. Hence in order to convert those drafting into the computer aided designs technocadd is the best place! 

We also convert the unreadable file format which can be read by any CAD/CAM/CAE package. It doesn’t matter which file format you have, because we are going to convert it as per your need. From PDF to a CAD File or any other conversion we can do it all. Some of our expertise has shown their immeasurable efforts to perform the following CAD conversion. 

3D Printing Services

3D Printing Services

3D Printing Services


With an advanced technology of 3D Printing, we can assist you with an actual scaled model, these 3D printed models will allow your project team to examine a replica of the actual model which will ultimately help in resolving design issues in a flexible and more efficient way.

Print Services

3D Printing Services

Print Services


We can also provide the blueprints of production-ready drawings, we prints in all sizes, from A4 to A0, at your convenience.

Site Surveys

3D Animation and Rendering services

Print Services


We are not limited to just creating a CAD Drawing and delivering it to you, we also believe in visiting and carrying out measurement by ourselves, our highly experienced staff will visit your site at your convenience and carry out all the necessary steps to ensure that we deliver the accurate information with a perfect CAD Model.

3D Animation and Rendering services

3D Animation and Rendering services

3D Animation and Rendering services


With the help of our 3D Animation and rendering services, you will be able to see your components real life picture along with that you will be able to know how your product will look during its operation.

Piping Design Engineering

3D Animation and Rendering services

3D Animation and Rendering services


Piping 2D/3D Modeling

Performing piping studies

Preliminary Piping Layout including nozzle orientation

Preparation of preliminary & detailed GADs, BOMs/ MTOs etc.

Preparation of equipment Datasheets

Preparation of design basis and standard drawings

Preparation of piping material specifications (PMS)

Preparation of Line list according to P&ID

Preparation of Isometrics